Alumni Blog: Where Does God Fit Into My Busy Life?

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Each Thursday, LTN will be featuring a blog written by an Alumni during their time of service. This week’s feature comes from 2009/2010 Alumni JC Williams. This post was originally written in November 2009.


Each week we meet for encouragement and accountability. This is a chance to go deeper in sharing our triumphs and struggles, and keep each other accountable. We come up with some important questions to ask each other every week. It is a great time for us to slow down and reconnect with each other. As Proverbs says, “Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another.”

One major piece of accountability I asked for help with was time management. I am in desperate need of finding a balance in my time that will allow for personal devotion, reading, studying scripture, blogging, developing relationships, and getting all of my work done. To me it sounds impossible, but I know there is a way to get it all in there. I NEED to get it all in there. I am dry from doing so much activity while not spending time in the word and being alone with God. My entire purpose here is to develop relationships… and I still need to get my work done.

I am dry from doing so much activity while not spending time in the word and being alone with God.
Immediately after this revelation – this new commitment to time management, our whole week was simply turned upside down. Due to some urgently needed repairs, we’ve been painting in our room. That means that much of my afternoon is eaten away with the work of getting the painting job done. We have limited time and limited energy for a job that needs time and energy. Needless to say, this week has been really stressful.


Unfortunately, God has been getting the backseat. It seems like that is a common theme in many of our lives. When we get busy – God takes the backseat. I try to pray during the day, but that’s kind of like trying to have a conversation with someone while on the phone with someone else…you don’t really get the full message.

When I get busy – I still need to put God first.
But where there is stress, God is there. While this week has been dry, it has also taught me to lean on Christ. It has revealed to me the stress inducing, anxiety infested effects of a life not founded upon Him. It has revealed to me that when I get busy (and I will always have seasons where I have to be busy) – I still need to put God first. So often I think I “need” so many things. He alone can provide what I need – I just need to give myself to Him now. Today is the day. This is the moment. God wants me now.

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