Episode 4: Where the Gospel Meets Abortion

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Synopsis: Christians say they believe in the sanctity of unborn life, but what happens when being pro-life goes beyond policy? The story of a pro-life crisis pregnancy center sharing walls with an abortion clinic.


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This episode was produced by Rachel Szabo. This episode was written by Rachel Szabo with Jesse Eubanks. Additional editing from Anna Tran. Additional audio from Nadus Films.

Senior Production by Jesse Eubanks.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo.

Soundtrack music from Lee Rosevere, Poddington Bear, Scott Holmes and Wooden Axle.

Thank you to our interviewees: Monica Henderson, Kinshasta Reed, Brad Brown and Annie (Hysong) Apon.

Check out BsideU (formerly A Woman’s Choice) at www.bsideuforlife.org

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