Episode 29: Where the Gospel Meets Social Media

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Synopsis: Christians believe we were made for community, but what happens when pixels replace people? Stories about how social media has changed us and what some people are doing about it.

This episode is in partnership with The Holy Post podcast.


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This episode was produced and written by Rachel Szabo, Jesse Eubanks and Skye Jethani. This episode was mixed by Rachel Szabo.

Senior Production by Jesse Eubanks.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Skye Jethani.

Soundtrack music from Murphy DX, Lee Rosevere, Scott Holmes, Podington Bear and Blue Dot Sessions.

Thank you to our interviewees: Justin Whitmel Earley, Drew Moser, Read Schuchardt, Rachel Szabo, and our listeners who called in with their stories.


Website: The Common Rule

Interview: Full Interview with Sean Parker

Interview: Full interview with Chamath Palihapitiya

Research: Barna Study

Research: IDC Study

Publication: Stress in America: Generation Z

Article: How Your Habits Show and Shape Your Heart

TED Talk: Tristan Harris – How Better Tech Could Protect Us From Distraction

Book: The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley

Book: The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch

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