THE ENNEACAST – Episode #47: Type 2s at Work w/ Libby McCord

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Episode 47: Type 2s at Work w/ Libby McCord

Jesse Eubanks and Lindsey Lewis explore the strengths and pitfalls of vocational work for Enneagram Type 2 – as well as ways to grow and tips on how to relate to Type 2 coworkers. They interview Administrative Assistant Libby McCord from Your Enneagram Coach about being a Type 2 at work. Everyone plays the game Trial by Trolley, where Libby is called to save either all her friends or every nurse on earth – but she can only choose one. Everyone answers Listener Questions about Type 2s and work.

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Special thanks to our guest, Libby McCord

This episode was written by Rachel Szabo, with Jesse Eubanks and Lindsey Lewis.

Audio mixing by Anna Tran.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Lindsey Lewis

Music by Murphy DX and Lee Rosevere.


Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

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